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      Excerpts of the following story are courtesy of George Brown athletics from May 26, 2023 The Huskies will be saying goodbye to the chief of the women’s soccer program, Leslie Fitzpatrick. “Tiger” Fitzpatrick is making a name for himself in the United States where…
    • Dos Santos Set To Pursue Top Coaching License
      Excerpts of the following story by John Jacques from the Northern Tribune on May 19, 2023 Canadian Premier League side Valour FC has confirmed that head coach Phillip Dos Santos will be embarking on his UEFA Pro License. The Winnipeg head coach will be away for…
    • Seuradge Steps Away From Bruins Soccer
      The following post is from the Sheridan Bruins website on April 28, 2023 At the end of the day, it was just time. Former 2021 OCAA Coach of the Year Andrew Seuradge has been at the helm of Sheridan Men’s Soccer for 13 years,…
    • 6 Interactions To Focus On To Improve Development and Growth
      The following article is from Steve Wood Operations Director at Creative Foods, UK May 23, 2023. A #growthmindset is perhaps the thing above all others we look for in those who have the potential and ability to #lead. There are many other facets of character and behaviours that are…
    • Why The Best Leaders Surround Themselves In The Truth
      The following article is courtesy of John Eades in “Building the Best” on may 23, 2023. The truth can set you free and create a brighter future than exists today. However, leaders often avoid the truth for fear of what might happen because of it….